Bitcoin tx fees are sky high right now. Using Litecoin or Monero instead is highly recommended!

Crypto guide

If you are having problems acquiring crypto currency for payment, these guides might be of help to you.

The first guide is for platforms like Coinbase, Binance, OKX etc.
The second one is for places like or
Since many platforms don’t allow for buying Monero (XMR), we have also added a guide on how to exchange cryptocurrencies for Monero fast and secure.

Guide 1

1) Make account on, do the kyc registration.
2) Transfer money from your bank account to coinbase. (SEPA, Credit card)
3) Exchange Fiat (e.g. Euro) for the needed cryptocurrency. (For example Litecoin/LTC)
4) Buy something in our shop, choose Litecoin while finalizing the order.
5) You will receive an address to send the Litecoin to.
6) Go to Coinbase, click on your Litecoin balance. There you can choose to send Litecoin to another address.
7) Enter the address provided by us when you made an order.
8) Send xx amount of Litecoin to us and wait for confirmation.

1) Depending on how you deposited fiat money (Credit card, SEPA, Paypal) it might take a few days to get fully confirmed by Coinbase. In this time you won’t be able to send funds from Coinbase.

2) In the past exchanges like Coinbase have blacklisted wallets. To prevent any problems you can first transfer your crypto to a non custodial wallet before transferring it to us. For LTC we recommend using either LTC Electrum (PC/MAC) or Litewallet on your mobile device.

Guide 2

1) Install wallet. (For LTC you can use LTC Electrum on your PC/MAC or Litewallet on your mobile)
2) Create new receiving address in that wallet.
3) Visit and click on buy.
4) Enter which currencies you want to exchange.
5) Enter how you want to pay. (SEPA, Credit Card etc.)
6) Select best offer.
7) Enter the receiving address from step 2.
8) Agree to terms and facilitate exchange.
9) Wait until cryptocurrency gets credited to your own wallet.
10) Go to our shop, order and select cryptocurrency you want to pay with.
11) Transfer amount from your wallet to ours.

Exchange BTC, LTC etc. to Monero (XMR)

1) Create a Monero (XMR) wallet on Don’t lose the secret mnemonic or you won’t be able to log in again!
2) Visit
3) Enter the currency and amount you want to exchange for Monero (XMR). (e.g. 2 LTC) Press calculate.
4) Enter your Monero wallet address you have created in step 1.
5) Transfer 2 LTC (Or another currency/amount) to the address provided by
6) Wait for the Monero (XMR) to be credited to the wallet you have created in step 1.
7) Go to our shop and choose Monero (XMR) when finalizing the order.
8) Log into your Monero wallet and send the requested amount to the address provided by us.


To exchange Ethereum you can use Works pretty much the same.

Contact us if you are still having problems with the process and we’ll try our best to help!