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Progesterone suspension, 10000mg/50ml

Progesterone suspension (liquid suppository), 10000mg/50ml

For rectal application

1ml = 200mg Progesterone
.5ml = 100mg Progesterone

Buy three or more bottles to get a 5 EUR discount per bottle.


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Grape seed oil based liquid Progesterone suppository. One bottle contains 50ml oil suspension with a total Progesterone content of 10000mg.

Content of delivery:
– 50ml Progesterone suspension (Bottle is 60ml, so the content can be shaken)
– 10x sterile 1ml syringes, for the first 10 applications
– Lube, water soluble

How to use:
– Shake bottle for at least 30 seconds.
– Draw desired dose. (0.5ml=100mg, 1ml=200mg)
– If needed apply lube to syringe and/or anus.
– Carefully(!) insert syringe for a few cm and apply dose.

Caution: Always use a fresh syringe/applicator! Shake well before use!

When using for the first time shake longer, since the Progesterone will have most likely settled and needs to be distributed throughout the oil in order to achieve correct dosing!

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Grape seed oil
Progesterone, micronized