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Estradiol gel, 50ml (6.67mg/ml)

Alcohol based Estradiol gel for transdermal appplication.
Total Estradiol content: 333mg/50ml (2mg/pump)

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Alcohol based Estradiol gel for transdermal application with a total Estradiol content of 333mg.

Every pump dispenses 0.3ml of gel containing 2mg Estradiol hemihydrate.

Apply to undamaged skin, do not apply to breasts!

No coloring added.

Ethanol 96%, non denatured
Water, purified
Isopropyl myristate (Batch 08/23 and following batches)
Carbomer 980, low Benzene (2ppm)
Estradiol hemihydrate

Lab tested in August 2023:
“Estradiol concentration: 6.69mg/ml”

Test report

EHGel 333 report